Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Writing Part 1

This line graph demonstrates the amount of goods conveyed carried to their destination via four different ways means of transport in the United Kingdom between 1974 and 2002, as indicated in the x-axis. The y-axis quantifies the millions of tonnes of commodities transported by four different types of transport, According to the legend, the four different modes of transport through four media which are the road, water, rail and pipeline. 

(the last is illustrated by a solid line, road is demonstrated by a segmented line and the others are shown by dotted and semi-doted lines.) —-> unnecessary

It can be seen from the graph that goods which were transported on boats and trains were about 40 million tonnes in 1974 and stayed there remained as such until 1978. Interestingly, goods transported on water surpassed those which conveyed on sent by rail and gradually rose to 65 million tones in 2002, while at the same time goods transported on rail were almost 20 million less. As can be seen in the graph, commodities transported were 70 million tonnes in 1974, while those which transported in pipeline transports were about 5 million tonnes. Surprisingly, road transferred goods gradually rose until 1994 and from this year to 2002 they increased sharply and reached 100 million tonnes. On the other hand, those products which carried by pipelines moderately grew to 20 million tonnes in 2002. 

It is clearly illustrated from the graph that the largest proportion in transported goods in the United Kingdom took place on roads, while the pipelines were the least preferred medium last. The basic conclusion to be drawn is the flourish in the shipping industry steadily flourished ,which surpassing both pipeline and rail transportation, but stayed below road transported goods all the way through.

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