Sunday, August 7, 2011

Life is easier today than it was 500 years ago.

In the twenty-first century, alot of things have changed, compared to five hundred years ago. Nowadays, development in every field, but especially technological development, render our life more convenient and easier.I am inclined to believe that people have better living standarts and higher quality of life the last five hundred years.
First of all, the development of medicine has improved our life.In previous centuries, medical procedures were very dependent on nature. Additionally, doctors were not as specialized and knowledgable as today. In our days, techniques, medicines, drugs and biological methods have been discovered in order to treat diseases and illnesses. Medicine is more effective and faster in its treatment today. This is clearly illustrated by many operations which have become routine processes.
Another argument in favour of the current way of living is the technological development and innovations which have made our life advantageous by turning it into a simple and easy series of function. For example, kitchen appliances and generally house appliances, advanced tools and gadgets. Furthermore, inventions like cars, ships and aircrafts ameliorated the transportation in time. Computers, mobile phones and the Internet annihilated the distance between people in terms of communication. Moreover, our life and work became more auspicious and productive respectively by advanced technological equipment.
To sum up, our life has improved dramatically during the last century. Our average quality of our life increased substantially due to technology and medicine.

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