Saturday, August 6, 2011

Increasing the price of petrol is the best way to solve traffic ans pollution problems.To what extend do you agree or disagree?Other measures.

Nowadays,both the price of petrol and pollution increase rapidly. Towns also suffered from traffic jams due to the excessive use of cars.I am inclined to believe that high prices in petrol are not the best solution available,but help to reduce pollution and traffic.
First of all,extra costs will definately discourage people to use cars,thus urge them to resort to other means of transport. For example, people could use buses, bikes even walking in order to circulate.This means that they reduce their expenses ,as well as the city pollution and traffic to a great extend and also improve their health.Additionally,pollution and traffic are not just caused by the burning of petrol; to these problems chemical wastes,industries,wrong mentality,narrow streets and lack of traffic lights in most of situations contribute significantly.
Consequently, we must introduce more effective measures to achieve radical changes.For instance cheaper tickets for public means of transportation.Moreover, bikes can be free at the citizens' disposal which means the citizens will gradually using alternative means to get transported.Furthermore,car-pooling is another measure.Only one car can be used when we want to circulate if a lot of people go to the same destination.What is more, wider streets and more traffic lights will result in reducing traffic jams.In my opinion, these are some measures, which will give an effective solution to the aforementioned problems.
In conclusion, if we apply all the above in combination with changing our mentality, we will live in a better place,away from polluting traffic jams.

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