Tuesday, July 26, 2011


The pie charts refer to the cost of a particular UK school,the years 1981,1991 and 2001.
Teachers' salaries were the most considerable expenses of the scool from 1981 till 20010, amounting to 40% of the expences in 1981 to 45% in 2001 with a small fluctuation in 1991.The second higher cost was other workers' salaries which corresponded to a 28% in 1981 and a 22% in 1991,but in 2001 saw the decrease of 7%.
As for the resources,they reached 15% in 1981 and then rose to 20% in 1991.On the other hand,furniture and equipment had a downward trend from 15% in 1981 to 5% in 1991.In 2001,there was a steep increase to 23% in furniture and equipment.A 9% of total spending in the same year was due to resources.
Finally, in all three years insurance was the lowest cost the scool faced;in 1981 and 1991 it was slightly steady,but in 2001 it climbed to 8%.
Overall,the teachers' salaries and the money spent on insurance were the major and minor source of expenditure for that particular school respectively.

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