Monday, July 25, 2011


The pie chart introduces the main cause of world wide land degradation in a percentage scale. Over-grazing is tha main reason of land degradation and accounts for 35% of it. A 30% and a 28% of degradation is due to deforestation and over-cultivation respectively. A final 7% corresponds to other reasons of degradation.
The causes of land degradation by region are represented on the table.Europe has the biggest percentage of total land degradation, which amounts to a 9.8% of it is because of deforestation, a 7.7% is owing to over-cultivation and a 5.5% is because of over-grazing.North America suffers the least from degraded land (about 5%).On the other hand, Oceania exhibits 13% of less productive total land. Deforestation affected the 1.7% of Oceania's land unlike the 0.2% of North America's. North America's over-cultivation impact was 3.3%.Finally over-grazing was the most important reason (11.3%) concerning Oceania,but in North America only 1.5% of the land wa degradated.
The region which has mostly suffered was Europe and the most decisive reasons were deforestation and over-cultivation.

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