Sunday, July 3, 2011

"The Internet has done more harm than good to teenagers." What are your views on this issue?

Nowadays,technological development and innovations render our life more comfortable and easier.The Internet is a remarkable example of this development.Its usage results in both comfort and dangers to teenagers' life.

Fisrt of all,the Internet has faciliated the communication among people,which is much more accessible than before.In particular,thousands of messages are delivered instantly to people anywhere in the world by using e-mail which is free and fast.Secondly a wide variety of information is available on the Net.There are various topics about which someone can be informed.What is more,an abundance of services is provided on web;such as e-banking,hotel reservations,job searching,online ticket buying,online shopping and legal software downloading.

On the other hand,a teenager will come across many threats when using the Web.In other words,there is the possibility of personal information theft,like name,address and banking details.Moreover many dangers are involved when teenagers log in social networks and meet on unknown persons,since they can be harmful and their intentions unknown.There are also communication problems due to the Internet misuse.Teenagers become passive,while obstancles are posed to the communication between the memebers of a family.Teenagers tend to decrease the number of their friends and acquaintances. Scientists believe that teenagers are trying to solve their problems in an online world which makes them distant,isolated and lonely.Finally,radiation is emitted by the computer's screen which is harmful to eyes.

In conclusion,it seems that there is no absolute answer to the question of whether the world wide web has done more harm than good to teenagers.In my opinion,a teenager should be permitted to use the Internet under terms in order to be offered only the benefits.Controlled and careful surfing promises a safer use.

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