Thursday, July 7, 2011

Role of parents and school in teaching children how to be good members of society.

The upbringing of a child is not easy as it is a challenging and difficult process.Not only do the parents contribute to this process,but the school also has a main role in order to teach the children the values of life.
Being a parent is a very responsible task.You have to prepere your children for a bright and successful future.Parents influence the lives of their childrenand leave an impression on them.They play a very vital role,since they must instil their values and the values of society in their children.Values like respect,politeness,tolerance,honesty and kindness are crucial in the behavior of a child as a member of society.The attitude of th parents must be the appropriate onle,because they are role models,in order to educate their children about how to behave and operate normally inside the society.The future of the child depends on the parents' teaching.
Additionally,shool is the other place,Where a child learns ethic values about how to behave and how to adapt in the society.A child spends almost 8 hours a day in school,so the teacher is a second parent to each one of the students.School is the place where youngster learn ans develop communicative and social skills.Children have to deal with a lot of different personalities at school and they are called to coexist and cooperate with them.Consequently,through this proccess,their social skills are developed.The school is a miniature of our society,thus the youngster is helped to complete the socialization proccess in order to enter the real world later.
To sum up,both parents and school are important during childrens' upbringing and socialization.They act together and complete each other.

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