Monday, July 25, 2011

A successful life is a happy life

Nowadays,society lays a great deal of emphasis on professional,and ,thus, financial success. Everybody appears to aim at surpassing others to climb the social ladder. However,as far as I am concerned,happiness does not necessarily lie in the aforementioned ways of living for a number of reasons.
It is obvious that the things offered by success make people more distant and promote materialistic values and trends. For instance, somebody can gain recognition, respect, money, material goods, expensive possessions (like cars and mansions) and convenience through success. Nevertheless, things not offered by success are more crucial for a happy life. Success demands hard work,which is why many people neglect personal relationships in order to be more productive , thus, they lose love from family, relatives and friends.
Additionally,success becomes an obsession. People want to succeed again and again,achive more and more. That is the reason they are not satisfied and do not experience an emotional well-being. In other words, they are being rewarded financially but not emotionally; therefore they do not have emotional stability. This is clearly illustrated by actors and businessmen who are unhappy even though they have reached the top. More specifically, they take drugs, commit crimes and suicide because they cannot bear the thought of failure.
Overall, as I see it, happiness comes from success in personal relationships and the love of your relatives. Success does not guarantee love and happiness.

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