Friday, July 15, 2011

Writing, part 2: Topic

Juvenile (= young) delinquents (=criminals)  should undertake such punishments as cleaning the streets rather than be imprisoned. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

(Think of words related to crime, who commits it and the punishment deserved. This is the next list we are going to compile!)


  1. Nowadays the crime rates are constantly rising everywhere in the world and the number of juveniles among the criminals is significant. Some people think that these young people should be punished with different works such as cleaning the streets rather than be imprisoned. But is this a good idea in every case?

    A work on the streets can have better effects on the delinquents than some time spent in prison. Physical work can be just as hard as being not free, but it also means that these young people will not get the chance to encounter more serious criminals from who they might learn more bad things and will end up in prison over and over again.

    Once in prison affects one’s whole life. If people at a very young age are sentenced to prison it could be very hard for them to find their place in society again.They will be treated as criminals and because of this they will act like criminals as well and they will end up in prison again. However, only sentenced for a year of hard work would make it easier for them to settle down again.

    On the other hand nobody wants serious criminals to work free on the streets. To avoid this not only the age of the delinquents should be taken into account but also the seriousness of the crime he/she had committed and if he/she had been sentenced to prison before.

    In conclusion I would say that the idea of punishing juvenile delinquents to street work is good because it would give them the chance for a normal life afterwards.

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