Thursday, July 7, 2011

What are the advantages and disadvantages of mobile phones?

In our days,technology is very importanta to us.We use technology in our life,when we work and almost everywhere all the time.A striking example of this,is the mobile phone.Its necessity has made the mobile phone the most common thing in our hands.It needs to be pointed out tha mobile phones offer both advantages and disadvantages.
To begin with the advantages,I think that its main utility,the ability to make phone calls,has rendered it very useful to the people.In other words,you can communicate immediatelly with everybody,everywhere and anytime.For example,if you have had an accident,you can call the police or an ambulance.Besides,this gadget provides a huge number of other functions.For instance it enables its users to listen to their favourite music or take photos.You can also use many software programmes that it includes in order to make notes,save and transfer data.It is obvious that the access to the internet through the mobile phone gives you the opportunity to check your e-mails,get information,like reading news and many more benefits.In addition to all these advantages,portability should not be forgotten,as it can fit in your pocket.All in all,cell phones makes our life more convenient.
However,there is the negative side of mobile phones.First af all cell phones reduces our privacy.For example,someone's position can be found by satellites or somebody can hear you phone calls.It is obvious that the radiation emitted from phones can be harmful to us.For instance,when you talk on the phone it can damage your ear and affect your brain.What is more,people tend to just contact each other through mobile phones and,thus,become more distant.
To conlcude,cell phones entail both advantages and disadvantages.We must use our cell phones carefully,since controlled usage is the best sollution to avoid having to deal with the harmful effects.

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