Monday, July 25, 2011

Technology affects human relationships

In the 21st centurey,technology plays an imperative role in our ways of interaction.That is to say,technology offers convenience and development between our interactions,but it has also negative impacts on our lives.
Recent innovations and modern technologies,such as the Internet and mobile mobile pfones,have changed the way people communicate,work and live.Fisrt of all,contacts between people and colleagues have been faciliated by communication software,like emails.Additionally,social networks,such as twitter and facebook,have eliminated the distance between people and have led ever shy people to become more socially accepted in this virtual world.Moreover,thanks to the development of online trade,people can perform a variety of activities for example online booking for accommodation and flights or online shopping.
However,there are some hazards involved in using such advanced technology.Firstly,people tend to spend more time staying at home and sitting in front of a computer screen rather than going outside to visit friends.In other words,people end up to be distant.All this development will not strengthen family bonds if everyone sits in front of a computer.Finally fake relationships,deceptions and crimes manifest themselves which will affect social safety.This is clearly illustrated by people using online chatting to gain your trust and then trying to deceive you and especially to get your money or do you harm.
In conclusion,I believe that technology has changed our way of interaction in a positive way in terms of convenience.Nonetheless,taking negative effects into consideration,we must be more careful and keep a balance between online and real communication.

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