Monday, June 9, 2014

Essay about how technology affects communication and interaction between people

It is a general fact/ is generally acknowledged that the process in which people interact has been affected because of the technological progress, but this inevitably gives rise to the question of whether this phenomenon has altered life in a positive or a negative way.

Some experts claim that im personal communication has diminished. Through technology the proper interaction among the interlocutors is eliminated, (comma) thus people are more and more keen on making conversations only in front of a screen, whereas in the real life they are not able to develop any kind of relationship. For instance, the most of the young people are more confident when searching for lovers/ partners through Facebook or Skype rather than flirting and having romantic affairs in the real world.

On the other hand, many social networkers believe that technology has made them more social, since it enables them to transfer those relationships to the real world, too. Actually, networkers find it easier to make friends through social networks/ media, while they substitute mobile devices with actually meeting each other at local caf├ęs or other places that they are keen on.

Not only has technology influenced people individually, but it has also assisted the business activity through firms around the world. In fact, companies are able to cooperate with other corporations and sell their products in the global market. Therefore, technology has enabled economic growth around the most transitioning economies. A case in point could be Greek family businesses which are active in the field of tourism and are now able to globally advertise their activity on the Internet. ---> Good point, but is this related to human relationships?

In my point of view, (comma) because every coin has two sides, technological effects on communication depend on which way people use it. I am convinced that technology requires wisdom and limits. (a bit unclear, maybe one extra sentence could explain it better)

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  1. Hello Manolis (and Germanos) again! Mano, all my corrections are based on the things we covered in our last lesson, so I am sure that when you re-read your text, it will make sense together with the changes. We still have a lot of talking to do on well-written essays. Remember always to check what the exact topic is! 5/9 for this one, but a bright (writing) future lies ahead- be sure of that! Till next time, take care and ... study!!! :-)