Monday, June 9, 2014

Writing task 1

The charts display s the expenditures that a UK school has on divergent running costs in three total separate years: 1981,1991 and 2001.

First of all, in all three years the greatest disbursement was on instructor salaries. More specifically, comparing the years 1981 and 1991, teacher’s payment rose 10% and reached the 50% of the total outlay; however, in 2001 it decreased by 5%. On the other hand, the cost of worker payments was less than the instructors' ones. In 1981 the former constituted 28% of total spending and it was continuously falling, so in 2001 it was only 15 percent.

Moreover, we can observe that the cost of books had increased in 1991 up to 20 percent and, in 2001, it decreased to nine percent. Nevertheless, furniture and equipment expenditure s follows a total different distribution than books because from 1981 to 1991 it diminished considerably and in 2001 it reached 23 percent, a much bigger rate that 1981. Finally, insurance that has the smallest proportion in the total school spending pie; in 1981 schools paid 2 percent of the total costs for it, while in 1991 it was 3 percent and in 2001 it reached the point of eight percent.

The obvious conclusion to be drawn is that teachers' salaries were the largest cost of the schools and while spending increased for equipment and insurance, money expended on books and worker salaries cost dropped dramatically.

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  1. Hello Manos and welcome to the amazing world of blogging! Your first writing attempt was OK, even though I am sure it could be a lot better if you had taken a little bit of extra time checking your text. In this way, you would have spotted basic grammatical mistakes (like the Past Simple), spelling mistakes and the confusing use of linking words in certain cases. However, the conclusions you drew based on the pie charts were spot-on and language will surely improve during our course. 6/9 for your first essay! We will talk more about it in person! :-)